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Our Dream:

Over the years, God has worked through Hope Fellowship to transform many lives in our community. What used to be a little church with a lot of building space has turned into a big church with little building space. While the church is people not a building, our building is a tool which helps transform people into disciples of Jesus. Without a bigger tool our ability to reach more people and disciple them effectively will be greatly diminished. That’s why four years ago we began to pursue a new facility.

We have no doubt this big dream is a God dream. It perfectly aligns with His heart to see as many people as possible transformed through a personal relationship with Jesus. We believe as long as there is one person in our community who doesn’t know Jesus, our church needs to be growing. God is calling us, by faith, to pursue a dream so much bigger than ourselves. Without God we cannot, but without us He will not.   Our faith is a prerequisite! It’s how God draws us closer to Him and prepares us to accomplish greater things in our community. God first wants to do a greater work in us before He does greater works through us. That’s why we are launching the Field of Dreams Giving Campaign (May 2016 – May 2019). It will be the seed of faith God uses to help us complete the next phase of the dream.


The building project in four phases:

Phase One: Purchase a piece of property for our new facility. Our current property is not feasible for expansion. Eventually, we will sell it to help us complete phase four.

Phase Two: Have plans drawn up for land development and new building.

Phase Three: Obtain necessary permits, prepare and grade site, provide storm water management, provide electricity, septic, and any necessary access roads.

Phase Four: Build new facility and furnish for ministry.


New Property


Our Next Step:

The Field of Dreams Giving Campaign is the seed of faith we are putting in God’s hands to help us fully complete phases one and two. It involves paying off the remaining balance on the property and getting final plans drawn-up for both the engineering of the land and the building.

We believe God is leading us to a new level of ministry and spiritual growth through this three year giving campaign. We are asking each person to pray about a giving commitment above and beyond what they are already giving in tithes and offerings. What each person decides to give will depend on what they feel God is speaking to their heart. If you would like to participate please contact the church office: (410) 778-3577 or


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