who we are

Hope Youth is made up of students from all across our area. Chances are you probably already know someone here! We meet on Wednesday nights at 7pm all throughout the year. We are open for students in grades 6-12.

what to expect

Our activities officially kick off at 7pm, but students normally show up a little early to hang out and play games before we start. There’s no such thing as a typical week at Hope Youth, something new and exciting is always happening. However most weeks we start with a game or activity that involves everyone. Then we have a time of worship lead by our awesome student band. We close with a teaching time from Pastor Tim for about 20-30 minutes. All together our group meets for about 1.5 hours, and we dismiss at 8:30pm.

how to get involved

We have opportunities for both students and adults to serve. Students can join our media team, which helps run the technology on Wednesday nights. We are also always looking for talented students to join our student-led worship team. During the first-half of the year we participate in the National Fine Arts Festival, which students discover, develop, and deploy their talents. Students can join our award-winning drama team, or participate in any number of individual categories as well. We are always looking for adults to come alongside our students as support staff on Wednesday nights. If you were a teen at some point you are already qualified!

what we’re all about

Hope for today. Hope for the future.


“God first”  

When we put God first all our other concerns will sort themselves out. It’s about worship over worry.


“there is always room at the table”

Being a Christian means we put others before ourselves. Jesus made an open invitation for us to share life together. We are committed to building a community that reflects that.



“we are better together” 

A cord of three strands is not easily broken. As the old proverb says “Alone you may go fast, but together we can go far. “


“progress results from process”

Our relationship with God is like a journey. We get closer to him as we continue to take each step in the right direction. 

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