Building Project

Our future building:

Designed to fit the rural farm feel of our community, our new building is primed to be a welcoming place where we engage our community for years to come.  Our goal is to build a practical tool to reach and disciple everyday people for Christ.   Every inch of this building has been designed with fellowship, functionality, and our mission in mind.   

Our dream:

Over the years, God has worked through Hope Fellowship to transform many lives in our community. What used to be a little church with a lot of building space has turned into a big church with little building space. While the church is people not a building, our building is a tool which helps transform people into disciples of Jesus. Without a bigger tool our ability to reach more people and disciple them effectively will be greatly diminished. That’s why we began to pursue a new facility.

We have no doubt this big dream is a God dream. It perfectly aligns with His heart to see as many people as possible transformed through a personal relationship with Jesus. We believe as long as there is one person in our community who doesn’t know Jesus, our church needs to be growing. God is calling us, by faith, to pursue a dream so much bigger than ourselves. Without God we cannot, but without us He will not.   Our faith is a prerequisite! It’s how God draws us closer to Him and prepares us to accomplish greater things in our community. God first wants to do a greater work in us before He does greater works through us. That’s why we are launching the PAVE the WAY Giving Campaign (June 2019 – June 2022).  It’s the seed of faith God uses to help us complete Phase Three of the dream.

Our building project in four phases:

Phase one:

Purchase a piece of property for our new facility. Our current property is not feasible for expansion. Eventually, we will sell it to help us complete phase four. 

(Completed in April 2018. We own 26 acres on RT 544 bear RT 213 in Queen Anne’s County debt free.)

phase two:

Have plans drawn up for land development and new building. (In Progress. Initial building design complete. Site engineering underway. Funds already on hand to cover the cost of this phase.)

Phase three:

Obtain necessary permits, prepare and grade site, provide storm water management, provide electricity, septic, and any necessary access roads. (To be completed in the next three years.)

Phase four:

Build new facility and furnish for ministry.

Our next step:

Our goal is to have Phase Three of the project complete or near completion by the end of 2022.  Our civil engineer is already working on developing site plans, and we anticipate those plans getting through all the different stages of planning and zoning by the spring of 2021.  That’s when we plan to begin work developing the land.


The PAVE the WAY Giving Campaign is designed to pave the way for our new building.  It’s a part of how we’re actively pursuing this dream by faith.  We estimate it will take approximately 1 million dollars to prepare the land to build.   Completing this phase of the project will pave the way for our new building; therefore, giving us a greater opportunity to see more lives transformed in Christ for generations to come.

frequently asked questions

We are on currently on track to begin the work of land development in the spring of 2022.  

That includes grading, an access lane and entrance off of RT. 544, parking lot, curb and gutter, and storm water management.  

We hope to be building in the next 5 years, however there is no set date.  After we complete the land development work, we will evaluate where we are and take the necessary steps to position ourselves to build.    

We estimate the entire project will cost between 5 and 6 million.  Construction costs can vary greatly depending on the economy and cost of building materials at time of build. We will have a more pinpointed total as we get closer to building.

There are two pods that will give us 18,401 sq. ft. of space.  The main pod which includes the sanctuary, offices, & grand foyer is 12,038 sq. ft.  The education wing which includes the kid’s area, nursery, and bathrooms is 6,363 sq. feet. 

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