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At Hope Fellowship we exist to lead people into a transforming relationship with Jesus Christ. We strive to create an atmosphere for everyday people to worship, learn, and connect with Him. 

Whether you like blue jeans or a tie, we encourage you to come as you are.  You’ll experience an upbeat worship style and practical teaching that will enable you to see the timeless truths of the Bible as relevant to your everyday life.  

Our hope is that your time with us will inspire you to love and serve Jesus with all your heart. How we accomplish our purpose begins with our mission statement.

OUR MISSION:     Love God. Love Others. Change Your World

OUR GUIDING WORDS:     Relational       Missional       Practical

These words serve as the standard against which we weigh all our actions and decisions.


We put Jesus at the center: It’s about priorities

We are contributors, not consumers: It’s about teamwork

We believe change is a constant: It’s about active faith

We love people when they least expect or deserve it: It’s about grace

We believe there is no success without successors: It’s about the next generation

Hope Fellowship is affiliated with the Assemblies of God. Our core beliefs can be found on the Assemblies of God website.

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